People of the Philippines vs. Pablo Egual | No. L-13469, May 27, 1965

Appeals from three separate decisions of the Court of First Instance of Batangas (Lipa City Branch) in Criminal Case No. 1147 (now G.R. No. L-13469), Criminal Case No. 1148 (now G.R. No. L-14240), and Criminal Case No. 1153 (now G.R. No. L-14209). On motion of counsel for appellant Pablo Egual in G.R. No. L-13469 and G.R. No.L-14240, and appellant Marcelo Mendoza in G.R. No. L-14209 and G.R. No. L-14240, and appellant Sancho Diwa in G.R. No. L-14240, We granted them leave to file a joint brief. Correspondingly, We granted the prosecution leave to file only one brief in answer thereto. Appellant Gaudencio Hernandez in G.R. No. L-14240 and G.R. No. L-14209 filed his own brief to which the prosecution filed its answer. For this reason and the three cases being intimately related to each other, We now decide them jointly. To avoid confusion, however, We shall make a separate statement of each case.


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