What is an extension clause?

An extension clause in negotiable instruments refers to a provision that allows the maturity date of a negotiable instrument, such as a promissory note or a bill of exchange, to be extended beyond its original due date.


Prescription and Laches

Prescription deals with delay itself and thus is an issue of how much time has passed. Laches, on the other hand, concerns itself with the effect of delay and not the period of time that has lapsed.


What is plea bargaining?

Plea bargaining is a process whereby the accused and the prosecution work out a mutually satisfactory disposition of the case subject to court approval.


Actions in rem, in personam, and quasi in rem

In actions in personam, the judgment is for or against a person directly. Actions in rem are actions against the thing itself. Quasi in rem actions are actions involving the status of a property over which a party has interest.


What is the legal concept of quantum meruit?

Quantum meruit—meaning "as much as he deserves"—is used as basis for determining a lawyer’s professional fees in the absence of a contract x x x taking into account certain factors in fixing the amount of legal fees.


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