People of the Philippines vs. Cipriana Bucsit, G.R. No. 17865 – Case Digest

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Cipriana Buscit wife of the deceased Pastor Pagaduan was charged with parricide after the former, with the aid of her paramour Placido Licudine conspired to poison Pastor Pagaduan. Both Cipriana Bucsit and her lover Placido Licudine signed confessions and pleaded guilty to the offense.


Whether or not Cipriana Bucsit is guilty of parricide.


Yes. Cipriana Bucsit, was found guilty by the trial judge of the crime of parricide, and was sentenced to reclusion perpetua with the aggravating circumstance that the crime was committed by means of poisoning and compensated by the mitigating circumstance provided by article 11 of the Penal Code as amended. 

The man, Placido Licudine, was found guilty of the crime of murder and was sentenced with cadena perpetua (life imprisonment) with the qualifying circumstance that the accused had killed another by means of poisoning. The penalty was in the medium degree.