Remedial Law II (With Basic Tax Remedies and Legal Ethics) – 2022 Bar Exams Questionnaire

[This item has five questions.] Assume that you received an adverse decision and filed a motion for reconsideration which was denied. Give the reglementary periods for filing the following: (a) Notice of Appeal to the Court of Appeals (b) Petition for Certiorari under Rule 65 (c) Petition for Review to the Court of Appeals under Rule 42 (d) Petition for Review on Certiorari to the Supreme Court under Rule 45 (e) Petition for Certiorari under Rule 64


Remedial Law I – 2022 Bar Exams Questionnaire

Lebron, a Makati resident, obtained a Php 350,000.00 loan from a bank secured by a real estate mortgage (REM) over his lot located in Quezon City with an assessed value of Php 500,000.00. Lebron failed to pay despite written demands. The bank intends to file an action for judicial foreclosure of the REM.


Civil Law I – 2022 Bar Exams Questionnaire

Noel is the son of spouses Marie and Benedict. Benedict has passed away. For Noel’s 7th birthday, his paternal grandparents offered and pay for his birthday party. In coordination with Marie, the grandparents booked the party venue, signed the contacts with the caterer and the entertainers, finalized the guest list, and paid all amounts due. Marie promised to them to bring Noel to the party.


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